Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SmorgaSword Released

I've just released my first book, SmorgaSword, on Amazon. Click here for the product page:

This is a Kindle ebook version, and I'm planning to follow up with a paperback version via Createspace.

Here's the book description:

SmorgaSword is a story buffet, a selection of twelve unique short stories. Take a wild ride into the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, survive a post-Apocalyptic urban battle, follow the adventures of a superhero from another universe, catch the bad guys with the unlikeliest of detectives, explore strange and distant futures, and find fairytale happy endings along the way.

--The Menu--

-The Prison-

In a future utopia where science is everything, a young technician commits the unthinkable crime of irretrievably destroying data, and he is sentenced to an unusual punishment.

-The Tyrant-

A mind's eye view of the rapid rise and fall of a dictator.

-Morning Glory-

An orphan girl befriends a strange child who is more than he seems.


A girl in another universe jumps to ours, and finds she is invincible. But all she wants is to jump back to her own world.

-Bull Elephant-

After an apocalyptic disaster, the survivors of an urban gang threaten the lives of farmers eking out a living in the debris of civilization.

-Venus Flytrap-

A special young lady leads the FBI on a no-so-merry chase to find a mysterious informant who seems to know everything.

-The New Outside-

A boy and girl try to escape from an artificial world where plants and animals are unknown.

-The Monster of Jupiter-

Two scientists get a closer look than planned at the Great Red Spot.

-Area X-

A conspiracy theorist tracks down a secret government facility, only to find something he wasn't expecting.

-Daughter of Eagles-

A wise woman gives a young princess a magic gift.

-The Empty Room-

A housemaid in nineteenth-century England finds a haunted room, which can be wonder or terror to those who go there.

-The Awakening of Trevor Still-

The chef's favorite. A modern fairy tale, a romance with a twist.


  1. Congrats Philip!
    I love the cover art and the name is brilliant... SmorgaSword... fits quite well :-) I’ll be sure to buy a copy when you get it on paper back. I don’t have an e-reader... I know I need to get one. Congrats again and blessings to you on this fun journey.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, and for checking it out! :)

    I'm looking forward to doing a paperback; there's nothing quite like having a real book in your hands. :)

  3. Got it on my Kindle now. I can't wait to read the few stories in this book I haven't read already! (And to re-read the ones I have) Awesome work, Philip.