All About eBooks

Why eBooks?

I've decided to self-publish my first books as eBooks. Here's why:
  • It's not entangling. I don't give up my rights; I retain control over the title, cover, and content. I can change content as I please.
  • The potential reader base is huge and persistent. Even if a book stays stagnant for years, something may happen to send it viral.
  • I'd like to. It sounds like fun; other methods of publishing don't. Maybe I'll change my mind after a while, but eBooks are easy enough to try.
Having said that, with eBooks, it can be tempting to release material before it's ready. I want my books, eBooks or no, to be quality.

eBook Resources

This is where it all starts for publishing eBooks on Amazon:

Amazon's Digital Text Platform home

Same thing for Barnes and Noble:


Here are Amazon's Kindle forums, where new eBooks can be advertised:

The Kindle Book Community

Here's another place to advertise new eBooks (in the Book Bazaar, following their rules):


Editing is important (it's the principle of "in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established"), and there are people online who do editing for self-publishing eBook writers.

I can't recommend anyone, as I haven't worked with an online editor, but here's an example:

Editing for Authors

The eBook cover is also very important, and there are online artists who do eBook covers. Again, I can't recommend any of them, but here's an example:

Extended Imagery

Those are just some links I've compiled while digging into eBooks.  There's a lot more.

See also Pournelle's site and Konrath's site (the Chaos Manor and Joe Konrath links on the left). Those are good clearinghouses for all sorts of eBook information.