Sunday, April 15, 2012

Joining Ezimin Interactive

As of Friday, I've joined the Ezimin Interactive computer game company. It's a new company, building its first game, Scribes' Descent, and I'm helping with editing the accompanying novel, as well as taking a stab at game programming.

What I like about Ezimin is that I can see a unique treasure that God has put into the company's founder, Dylan West, to be built and explored and revealed. Dylan is making games and stories both for the family of God, and to bring more people into the family of God.

I met Dylan at my workplace. He noticed my computer name was "Reepicheep"; and he asked me to read a Christian fantasy novel he was writing (A Signet Forever). :) One thing led to another, and I find I have a desire to play a part in working out his vision.

Oh yes, and his stories are good. :)