The following are books I'm currently writing.


A buffet of short stories, including fairy tales, romance, sci-fi, and adventure. Survive a post-apocalyptic battle, explore the depths of Jupiter, escape an artificial world, discover the secrets of a magic cloak, see a tyrant's-eye view of the world, endure the end of all privacy, and more.

The Beastlord of Underrim

The first novel in the Avayin series. An unknown god gives a boy a mysterious gift, and the boy decides to look for him. The quest will take the boy into new lands and among strange peoples, and reveal dark powers threatening to devour his world.

The Quest of the Incorruptible

A non-fiction book about humanity's war against death, and the search for something stronger than entropy.

The Soft Stuff for Sysadmins

How to communicate successfully as a working geek.