Saturday, February 4, 2012

Great Signs and Wonders

My dad, Bennie Nelson, has published his first ebook to Amazon (with a Createspace print-on-demand paperback version to follow shortly). The title is Great Signs and Wonders, What is wrong with Christianity?

The book asks the question: if Jesus promised that signs would follow those who believe, and there are millions of believers in the Western world, why don't we see millions of signs following those believers? The answer is that what is now called Christianity no longer conforms to the teachings of the Christ.

In the book of Revelation, Jesus sent a letter to the church of Laodecia, considered a prophetic picture of the Church in this age. He told them they were poor, miserable, blind, and naked. But the Church thought the opposite: they were rich, increased with goods, and had need of nothing. Jesus rebuked them, because he loved them, and showed them the way back to Himself.

As the first volume in the Friends of the Living God series, the book Great Signs and Wonders begins to describe how the Church of the Laodecians may become the Friends of God.

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