Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Progress Report

Currently I'm working on four projects: SmorgaSword (a collection of sci-fi/fantasy short stories); Soft Stuff for Sysadmins (a technical pocket guide); Quest of the Incorruptible (a Christian commentary); and Beastlord of Underrim (a fantasy novel).

SmorgaSword is waiting on the cover art, which is nearly done; the Soft Stuff for Sysadmins is in the final editing phase; a working draft of the Quest of the Incorruptible is being reviewed; and I've completed a draft of the Beastlord of Underrim.

Here are the current sizes of the projects:

SmorgaSword: 26900 words;
Soft Stuff for Sysadmins: 1700 words;
Quest of the Incorruptible: 7700 words;
Beastlord of Underrim: 49000 words.

I've been working on one project for a while and then switching to another. Going back to something after leaving it alone for a while has helped.

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