Sunday, December 12, 2010

Joe Konrath

Joe Konrath is an author who self-publishes with eBooks, and sells lots of them. I haven't read any of his stories myself, but I follow his blog because he posts all sorts of worthwhile information regarding self-publishing via eBooks. He also promotes other self-publishing authors, even new ones.

Many authors post comments on his blog, and I've found good stuff in them as well. Lots of insider info.

Bottom line, Konrath is very helpful to the eBook author.

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  1. Thanks for posting info about self-publishing novels. That's definitely the way I will go with my novel series. I've been doing a lot of research into starting a game development company and much of what I read suggests that I self publish or nearly self-publish my own games to spare myself the politics of dealing with the monolithic game publishing firms out there (and how they are ever continually consolidating, leaving small developers like me with dwindling odds of getting picked up)