Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jerry Pournelle

Jerry Pournelle hosts my favorite website, Chaos Manor. Pournelle was the first person to write a book on a computer, and Chaos Manor is arguably the very first blog.

Chaos Manor is also the closest thing I've seen to being the Renaissance Man of websites. It has a plethora of excellent content, including essays and dicussions on matters relevant to civilization and current affairs. One may glean a great deal of understandable information about all sorts of subjects. And if Pournelle doesn't know something, one of his readers very likely will.

Simply from the perspective of being a writer, the website is invaluable. There are discussions on writing, on ebooks, on self-publishing, and on the state of the publishing industry. There are also many links to other sites with more information. And the other content is good research material, especially for people creating worlds.

Chaos Manor's value extends well beyond writing, however, and I very much recommend it.

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