Saturday, July 28, 2012

Author or Writer?

I'm not sure there's really a difference between the two words, "author" and "writer", but they seem to convey something I've been thinking lately. I want to be an author; I'm not sure I want to be a writer.

That is, there are a certain number of works I want to write and finish, but there are other kinds of projects I want to do (such as building computer games). I'm not sure writing is my dream day job; I'm not sure I want to "live by the pen".

I do seem to have endless ideas for stories, though, at least more than I can write. :) And I want time to write them, so it -would- be nice to make enough money from writing to spend more time at it.

Maybe I just want to be a writer for a while, and not the rest of my life, but if I keep getting more stories I want to write than I have time to write, maybe it will happen that way anyhow. :)

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