Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lots of work

As I related in a previous post, I got the cover art for my first book, SmorgaSword. That opened the floodgates of things to do: I plugged the art into the book, generated a mobi file via Kindlegen, put that on my Kindle, and redid the mobi over and over again as I read through the ebook. I also did preparatory work on Amazon for my author's account, and I still need to get the ebook vetted on the Kindle Fire.

Meanwhile, I also want to do the book as a Createspace paperback. My dad published his first book, Great Signs and Wonders, via Createspace as well as Kindle, and when the first proofs arrived, I was impressed. They look good. If print-on-demand can produce a paperback of that quality, then it provides much the same benefits to self-publishing authors as ebooks, but you get something you can hold in your hand and show people.

So, now I have more work to do. :) The good news is that once I do it, it will be easier next time.

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