Monday, May 30, 2011

The Quest of the Incorruptible

I have a new project in the works: a non-fiction Christian book called The Quest of the Incorruptible.

The book is about humanity's struggle against death. That struggle is ultimately against entropy, because entropy is what causes everything we see to wear out and decay and die. People desparately want to overcome entropy. Many talk about ending war and poverty, for example. They want to change the world and save the planet. But war and poverty are simply manifestations of entropy, and entropy is stronger than people.

If it weren't, we could create perpetual motion machines that would provide endless energy and make everyone idle and rich. But we can't. The whole "saving the world" thing is impossible for people; we just can't do it.

The only possible hope for humanity is that there is something stronger than entropy. Since entropy and corruption are much the same thing, that something might be called the Incorruptible.

Does the Incorruptible exist? Can we find it? Will the Incorruptible save the world? And if so, how?

The book will explore all that, and more.

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